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This points table is valid as of February 1, 2013 on Icelandair direct scheduled flights.   
Destinations are grouped by distances from Iceland.   

As Icelandair Saga Club and SAS EuroBonus do not have any partnership agreement the following applies for points accrual on their code share flights. (FI/SK and SK/FI)

When travelling on an Icelandair flight with a SK number (for example SK6150) on Icelandair schedule routes Saga members do neither earn Saga Points nor Card Points in Icelandair Saga Club. The same applies for flights with FI flight numbers on SAS schedule routes, (for example FI7565), members in Saga Club do neither earn Saga Points nor Card Points in Saga Club for such flights 

Remember to register your Saga Club Number when you book!
Points are registered on members account within 48 hours after flight has been completed.

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