Wireless internet on board Icelandair

Wi-Fi is now available across our fleet. The satellite connection is similar to 3G connections on the ground. You can stay connected throughout your flight, from when you take your seat until you unboard the plane.

The in-flight Wi-Fi is ideal for:

  • Emailing
  • Doing some light browsing
  • Communicating on social media

Wi-Fi access is purchased on board. Saga Class passengers and Saga Gold members get complimentary Wi-Fi access for two devices.

Connecting to in-flight Wi-Fi is simple:

  1. Set your device to flight mode and activate your Wi-Fi.
  2. Choose “Icelandair Internet Access”.
  3. Open your browser of choice and select “Get Wi-Fi” to access the Wi-Fi portal and make your purchase.

The connection itself

Wi-Fi is available on every flight, but some areas in North America are outside of the coverage area. The image on the left outlines the coverage area. Wi-Fi is active throughout your flight.

All Icelandair airplanes are equipped with an onboard Wi-Fi.

However, during peak season some airplanes may not be equipped with Wi-Fi.

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You can purchase Wi-Fi service on board. The Wi-Fi is complimentary for two devices on each flight for Saga Class passengers and Saga Gold members.


  • On board

  • Can I access www.icelandair.com webpage without purchasing the service?

    Yes, all Icelandair's web pages can be accessed without purchasing or an authentication for the Wi-Fi service. 

  • Can I recharge my device on board?

    Passengers traveling on Saga Class and Economy Comfort have an electric socket for a laptop or mobile device either below the seat or between the seats. Each seat has a USB power port that can be used to recharge most devices. Just remember to bring your own USB cable.

  • Will I earn Saga Points when purchasing the Wi-Fi service?

    The Wi-Fi purchase is not connected to the Saga Club for time being.

  • Is it possible to use Saga Points when purchasing the Wi-Fi service?

    No, that is not possible for time being.

  • What forms of payment will be accepted for this service?

    Icelandair accepts all major credit cards to pay for this service.  However, pre-paid credit cards cannot be accepted.

  • Is it possible to use PayPal to purchase the service?

    No, that is not possible.

  • Will my credit card provider add fees to the price?

    Some credit card companies might charge a fee for currency conversion if a local currency other than the Euro is used. Some other fees might apply. Please check with your credit card provider.

  • How fast will the connection be?

    The connection will be similar to a 3G connection. The speed of the connection will depend on the inflight usage of the broadband.

  • Will there be devices to borrow onboard?

    Currently Icelandair does not plan to provide Wi-Fi enabled devices onboard.

  • How will Icelandair Wi-Fi charge show up on my credit card statement?

    It will be noted as "ROW44 Icelandair Wi-Fi".

  • Can I purchase the Wi-Fi service prior to the flight?

    No, that is not possible.  A purchase can only take place during the flight, once the Wi-Fi has been activated.

  • Can I use a VPN connection once logged on the Wi-Fi?

    Icelandair Wi-Fi supports most of the major VPN brands, but the experience may vary by flight.

  • What is Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly (using radio waves) over a computer network, including high-speed Internet connections. It is used all over the world at so called hot spots, public areas, offices and private homes to provide connection to the Internet.

  • How many airplanes will have Wi-Fi?

    It is Icelandair's goal to have all airplanes equipped with a Wi-Fi connection. However, during peak season some airplanes may not be equipped with Wi-Fi.

  • What kind of device will I need?

    All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled device with an internet browser.

  • Will all flights to any of Icelandair's destinations have Wi-Fi?

    All flights with a Wi-Fi equipped airplane are expected to have a Wi-Fi connection.  Some limitations may occur during some the flights.  Information cards are placed in the seat pockets in front of you that indicate the Wi-Fi coverage on Icelandair´s routes.

  • How do I connect to Wi-Fi onboard?

    Each Wi-Fi device is different so Icelandair cannot provide detailed connection instructions in this FAQ.  In the seat pocket you'll find a Wi-Fi card with information about the service.  Please make sure your device, phone and/or tablet is in airplane mode and you have turned on the Wi-Fi on your device.  Then open a browser and the Icelandair Wi-Fi portal page opens.  If you are booked Saga Class passenger or a Saga Gold member you use the complimentary option; otherwise you use the purchase option to connect.

  • Why can't I access the Internet web sites although I have completed the Wi-Fi purchase/authentication?

    The reason could be that currently the airplane is flying where there is no Wi-Fi coverage. Please study the coverage in the Wi-Fi card in the seat pocket or in the Wi-Fi Portal.  You can compare the coverage to the flight route in the in-flight entertainment system to verify if there is currently no coverage.

  • I'm having problem purchasing the service; what could be the problem?

    The reason could be one of the following but not limited to:  Missing or incorrect information in the fields needed when purchasing.  Wrong credit card number, wrong expiry date, or credit card security number not correctly entered.

  • I'm a Saga Gold member and I can't get authenticated; what could be the problem?

    For the system to be able to authenticate you, your Saga Club number needs to be in your booking.  If it's not in the booking you can enter it by opening Icelandair's homepage and select “My trips”. Log in by entering your booking reference and last name, then enter your Saga Club number along with needed information and save the information.  Now you should be able to log in using your booking reference and Saga Club number.  If the problem exists, next time you are connected to the Internet you can send an e-mail to wifi@icelandair.is and describe the problem and hopefully it can be resolved before your future flights.  You can use the payment method to access the Internet.

  • Do I need to sign out of the Wi-Fi?

    No, you don't need to sign out.

  • Once I have purchased the Wi-Fi will the system remember me in future flights?

    No, the Wi-Fi system does not store user's login information between flights.

  • What is Row44?

    That´s the name of the company that provides the Wi-Fi connection to Icelandair.

  • Will I need to set my device to airplane mode?

    Yes, your device needs to be in airplane mode during all phases of the flight.  Please notice you might need to activate Wi-Fi on your device after selecting airplane mode.

  • Can I switch Wi-Fi access between devices?

    The purchased/authenticated Wi-Fi connection is per device. If you authenticated or purchased the service on your laptop you can't open the same Wi-Fi connection on your tablet computer etc.

  • What can I do on Icelandair's Wi-Fi?

    You can browse the internet, check your e-mail, read your favorite news web sites and do some social networking. Please notice that some high bandwidth activities may be restricted. For best performance you should close all apps that are running in the background.

  • How do I know if the airplane has Wi-Fi?

    You will see a Wi-Fi icon when you enter the airplane.

  • How does the Wi-Fi work?

    It's a satellite based Wi-Fi. On top of the airplane is an antenna that communicates with satellites. Inside the airplane are Wireless Access Points that communicate with the antenna and the passengers' devices.

  • How much does this service cost?

    The price is variable. Booked Saga Class passengers and Saga Gold members can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi for two devices.

  • Will the Wi-Fi be complimentary for Saga Gold members?

    Yes, on Wi-Fi equipped airplanes Wi-Fi is complimentary for two devices for each Saga Gold member.  You must enter your Saga Club number when booking the flight. During the authentication process you will need to provide the Saga Club number and booking reference (six characters).

  • Will the service be complimentary for booked Saga Class passengers?

    Yes, if you are booked on Saga Class the Wi-Fi is complimentary for two devices. During the authentication process you will need to provide the booking reference (six characters) and your last name as it is in the booking.  There are instructions on the Wi-Fi portal.

  • Is it safe for the aircraft to have active Wi-Fi while flying?

    Yes. The FAA and EASA are the global governing agencies for airworthiness and have rigorously evaluated the effect of this system on airplane operations. The FAA and EASA airworthiness approvals clearly demonstrate that the system is airworthy and presents no operational risk to airplane operations.

  • Why isn´t the connection faster?

    The Wi-Fi connection is obtained through a satellite which is located 36,000km above Earth.  The airplane is cruising at a speed of 800km/per hour which results in a connection with different properties to those on the ground. The connection will be similar to a 3G connection. The speed of the connection will depend on the inflight usage of the broadband.

  • Where can I find my booking reference number?

    This is a six character code on your ticket, as well as on the mobile boarding pass.

  • When can I use Wi-Fi?

    You will be able to connect as soon as you want, and the connection will be active throughout your flight.

In-flight internet facts

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