At the airport

How can I find flight departure and arrival information?

What are the excess baggage fees?

How much carry-on baggage can I bring into the cabin?

How much luggage can I travel with?

What do I do if my luggage is lost or damaged?

What rules apply for travelling with skis, bicycles, golf sets and other items?

Do you have any Business Class Lounges?

Can I check in on the Icelandair website?

Why do I need to print out my e-ticket?

Can Frequent Flyer members travel with more luggage than those who are not members?

What do I do if I lost something on board or in the arrival or departure hall?

Booking tickets

How can I find flight departure and arrival information?

Travelling to the USA:Passports/Visas and Apis

Where can I find the timetable for Icelandair's destinations?

Can I book a one-way ticket?

If I pay with my credit card on your website, is the transaction secure?

Gift Certificate - how to redeem your Gift Certificate?

Can I cancel or change a booking?

Can I choose a seat when I book online?

Can I travel while I am pregnant?

How do I book destinations other than those to which Icelandair has direct flights?

How many people can I book in the same reservation?

I want to book and pay for somebody other than myself. How do I do that?

My name is spelled incorrectly in my reservation.

What should I do if I receive no email after booking online?

How do I book an E-Ticket?

What is an E-Ticket?

Can I get my flight ticket refunded if I cannot use it?

Can I pay cash when booking on the Icelandair website?

How do I get my ticket if I book online?

Why do I not get the lowest offered fare?

How can I earn Frequent Flyer points when booking online?

Icelandair Holidays

Can I book a package over the phone?

I need special assistance during my holiday, can this be arranged ?

How can I pay for the package ?

Do I need a voucher for the hotel, transfers and excursions ?

Can I change the dates of my booking ?

My name has been spelled incorrectly, can it be corrected ?

Can I cancel a package booking ?

Are airport transfers included in the package ?

Is it possible to upgrade my flights ?

Is it possible to upgrade the hotel room type ?

What is my luggage allowance ?

Can I check in online ?

How can I book a seat with extra leg room ?

How can I book different room types ?

What kind of clothes should I pack for my holiday ?

Where can I exchange Icelandic Kronas ?

Are credit cards accepted in Iceland ?

All major credit cards are widely accepted throughout the country.

On board

What kind of meals for infants and children does Icelandair offer on board?

Can I shop on board?

Can I use my computer on board?

Is there access to phones on the airplane?

What kind of in-flight entertainment does Icelandair offer on board?

What kind of meals and beverages does Icelandair offer on board?

Why does Icelandair charge for the meals on board?

Can I pay with cash onboard and what currency do you except?

Will the Wi-Fi be complimentary for Saga Gold members?

How do I connect to Wi-Fi onboard?

Why can't I access the Internet web sites although I have completed the Wi-Fi purchase/authentication?

Will the service be complimentary for booked Saga Class passengers?

Will all flights to any of Icelandair's destinations have Wi-Fi?

What is Wi-Fi?

When will the Wi-Fi be installed and activated in the airplanes?

How many airplanes will have Wi-Fi?

What kind of device will I need?

When can I use Wi-Fi?

I'm having problem purchasing the service; what could be the problem?

I'm a Saga Gold member and I can't get authenticated; what could be the problem?

Can I access webpage without purchasing the service?

Can I recharge my device on board?

How fast will the connection be?

Will there be devices to borrow onboard?

What forms of payment will be accepted for this service?

Is it possible to use Saga Points when purchasing the Wi-Fi service?

Will I earn Saga Points when purchasing the Wi-Fi service?

Why isn´t the connection faster?

How much will this service cost?

Is it possible to use PayPal to purchase the service?

Will my credit card provider add fees to the price?

Once I have purchased the Wi-Fi will the system remember me in future flights?

Can I purchase the Wi-Fi service prior to the flight?

Can I use a VPN connection once logged on the Wi-Fi?

Do I need to sign out of the Wi-Fi?

How will Icelandair Wi-Fi charge show up on my credit card statement?

Is it safe for the aircraft to have active Wi-Fi while flying?

What is Row44?

What can I do on Icelandair's Wi-Fi?

Will I need to set my device to airplane mode?

Can I switch Wi-Fi access between devices?

How do I know if the airplane has Wi-Fi?

How does the Wi-Fi work?

Where can I find my booking reference number?

Are all flights eligible for a CLASS UP?

If passengers want to contact Icelandair about CLASS UP, whom do they contact after submitting an offer?

Is it possible to submit an offer for an upgrade on only one flight segment?

How does CLASS UP work when a booking includes more than one person?

Is it possible to split a booking for CLASS UP?

Passengers are travelling as a couple or family. Does their registration for an upgrade ensure that they will receive an upgrade as a couple/family?

What are the odds that a CLASS UP offer is accepted?

Why are not all passengers eligible for a CLASS UP upgrade?

How will a passenger know if he is eligible to place a bid for a CLASS UP upgrade?

Are all the benefits of Economy Comfort and Saga Class included in the CLASS UP upgrade?

What are the conditions of the passenger’s ticket if he receives confirmation of an upgrade?

Can passengers select their seat in Saga Class or Economy Comfort?

How will the passenger know if his offer was accepted and that the upgrade was approved?

If the passenger submitted offers for two flight segments, when will he receive notification confirming the upgrade offers?

Can the passenger change/cancel the upgrade offer after it has been submitted?

What happens if it is necessary to cancel/change the flight after receiving the upgrade confirmation?

Is it possible to place a CLASS UP bid at the airport upon checking in?

When can passengers expect their credit card to be debited?

Do Saga Class or Economy Comfort tickets entail additional taxes?

Is it possible to use Saga Points to place a bid?

Will passengers receive an invitation to CLASS UP if Ithey have purchased airfare using Saga Points?

Do passengers receive Saga Points for their CLASS UP upgrade?

What benefits does the passenger receive as part of his upgrade to Saga Class and Economy Comfort?

When can the passenger submit a CLASS UP upgrade?

Is it possible to call Icelandair to place a bid?

Does the passenger have to pay for submitting an offer for a CLASS UP upgrade?

Is it possible to CLASS UP from Economy to Saga Class?

Why would an offer not be accepted if there is space available on the flight?

Can CLASS UP upgrades be refunded?

If a passenger provides a doctor’s certificate, will the CLASS UP upgrade be refunded?

Is it possible to use a prepaid credit card in the CLASS UP offer process?

Is there a minimum upgrade offer?

Special Assistance

What rules apply for children traveling alone?

Can I travel with my pet?

What rules apply for seeing eye dogs?

I need to use a wheelchair, can I ask for assistance on board?