My trips is where you can manage your booking and add on extra service. Please note, purchasing extra baggage and requesting seats can only be done on Icelandair flights booked through Icelandair.

For Icelandair flights booked through the Icelandair website or our Service Center it is possible to view and change seat requests, pre-order meals and pre-purchase extra baggage by retrieving your booking in My trips. It is also possible to view your booking details and change travel dates. 

If your destination requires APIS information, it is possible to provide it within My trips. All international travellers who wish to travel to the USA must apply for ESTA and if travelling to Canada apply for eTA.

Items you can manage within My trips for Icelandair flights booked directly through Icelandair:

  • View your itinerary
  • Request seats               
  • Pre-purchase meals
  • Pre-purchase extra baggage            
  • Change your travel dates
  • Request a wheelchair to gate

Items you can manage within My trips for bookings made through third parties:

  • View your itinerary