May be included in the baggage allowance* Each way between Iceland and Europe Each way between Iceland and North America Each way between Europe and North America**
Golf equipment, Skis, Water Skis, Angling equipment, Weapons and Hockey equipment Yes 29 GBP 34 GBP 40 GBP
Diving Equipment No

* General allowance: Any sports equipment that is checked in separately will count as one piece of checked baggage. If your baggage count (item of sports equipment + number of other bags to be checked) exceeds the maximum number of items allowed by your fare type, additional checked baggage charges will apply.
** Weapons can only be charged at the airport.

Golfing, skiing, hockey and angling equipment as well as weapons are included in our baggage allowance. Therefore, you can alternatively take along one piece of these sorts of sports equipment instead of a normal bag. Other sports equipment may not be part of the baggage allowance. A special flat fee is charged for sports equipment.

Golf equipment
One set of golf equipment per passenger counts as one piece of baggage towards the baggage allowance. Maximum weight of golf equipment is 23 kilos.

Ski equipment
One set of snow/skiing equipment per passenger counts as one piece of baggage towards the baggage allowance. One set consists of either:

  • One pair of skis, one pair of poles and one pair of boots, or;
  • One snowboard and one pair of boots

Normal excess baggage charges applies if you are traveling with additional sets of ski equipment.

Hockey equipment
One equipment bag + a maximum of 2 sticks taped together count as one piece of baggage towards the baggage allowance.

Guns and ammunition
Sport guns and ammunition will be carried subject to the following conditions:

  • Guns and ammunition must be available for inspection by security
  • Guns are to be dismantled
  • Ammunition is limited to 5kg per passenger and must be packed in a safety container of wood/metal/fiberboard with the contents protected against shock and movement
  • Guns and ammunition are only carried in the baggage hold
  • Documentation/licenses are the passenger's responsibility


  • 1 ROD and 1 BAG or BOX

Angling equipment is not allowed in cabin baggage and must be checked in at front desk. As a preventive measure against spreading infectious diseases of freshwater fishes from other countries to Iceland, it is prohibited by law to use fishing equipment, including waders and rubber boots, which has been used while angling abroad, unless such equipment has been disinfected according to valid rules (immersion for 10 minutes in a 2% formaldehyde solution).

A certificate of disinfection issued by an authorized foreign veterinary officer will suffice, if presented on entering Iceland. If a certificate cannot be obtained, the fishing equipment must be handed to customs officers upon entering the country for immediate disinfection, at the owner’s expense.