Checked Baggage

Checked baggage refers to items that are checked in at the desk and transferred into the cargo hold of the aircraft. The number and weight of bags allowed depend on your class of service. Please study regulations regarding travelling with weapons, dangerous substances and medicinal articles carefully.

Excess Baggage

If the overall weight of your luggage exceeds your baggage allowance, excess baggage fees will apply. It is important that the airline is notified up front of any baggage in excess of passenger's allowance. We reserve the right to refuse the carriage of baggage that exceeds the allowance on the same flight as the passenger. Overweight bags can only be paid for at airport check-in.

Extra bag

An extra bag is an additional item of checked-in luggage. If you wish to carry more than the checked baggage allowance you may purchase extra or heavy bags in addition to the baggage allowance on your ticket. You can purchase extra bags online (20% discount), at the Icelandair Service Center (20% discount) or when you check-in at the airport.

Hand Luggage

Hand luggage are items that you carry on to the aircraft with you. One bag up to 10kg and a small item such as a handbag or a laptop computer, is always included. Additional hand luggage allowance depends on your class of service. The size of the bag must not exceed 55x40x20cm, and the bag must not contain liquids (exceeding 100 ml), aerosol cans or other restricted items.

Baggage Allowance for Children

At Icelandair, we welcome families aboard our aircraft and aim to make the flight enjoyable for our youngest passengers. Children between the ages of 2-11 enjoy the same baggage allowance as adult passengers, as well as a collapsible stroller/pushchair. For infants and children younger than 2 years old, different baggage rules apply.

Sports Equipment or Odd Size Baggage

Sports Equipment refers to sporting goods such as windsurfing boards, angling equipment and bikes. All baggage items that are not listed are considered “Odd Size Baggage” and charged according to normal excess baggage fees. Weapons used for sports activities might be subject to some restrictions.

Sport Equipment and Odd Size Baggage must be booked in advance. We strongly recommend that passengers intending to travel with such equipment ensure that their home or travel insurance covers the replacement value of any valuable items of checked baggage.

Proper Packing

All baggage must be packed so that it can withstand normal baggage handling and must withstand the impact of coming into contact with other luggage in the baggage system and when loading/unloading the aircraft. Baggage that is checked without proper protection is considered to be at passengers own risk. Packing of fragile items to normal checked baggage is not considered as proper packing and falls under notice of Liability Limitations.

All checked baggage must be clearly marked with name, e-mail, phone number and address. Always make sure to pack your own bags. Never travel with luggage that you haven’t personally packed.

The following baggage allowance applies to Icelandair flights only. If your travel arrangements include more than one airline, other baggage allowances may apply. That may also affect fees applied and any duty free purchases that you make on your journey. Please study the baggage allowances of our codeshare and interline partners carefully, as well as the information on your ticket.

  • The following baggage allowance applies to Icelandair operated flights only.
  • Other baggage rules may apply if the travel includes more than one airline (i.e. codeshare or interline flights).
  • Please note that checked baggage allowance is listed on the customers‘ flight tickets or on other travel documents.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Saga Class2 bags weighing up to 32 kg (70lbs) eachTotal dimensions of a checked bag may not exceed 158 cm (62 in)
Economy Comfort2 bags weighing up to 23 kg (50lbs) each
Economy Standard1 bag weighing up to 23 kg (50lbs)
Economy LightNo checked baggage
Saga Gold and Saga Silver members1 extra bag in addition to general baggage allowance Weight depends on cabin type*
InfantsInfants are allowed one checked bag, except for when traveling in Economy Light. A stroller and car seat or carrying basket are always included.
Children 2–11 years oldChildren 2-11 years old can have the same baggage allowance as an adult traveling in the same travel class. In addition, a completely folding stroller is allowed free of charge.

If our customers are traveling on Economy Class or Economy Comfort the extra bag may weigh up to 23 kg (50 lbs). If traveling on Saga Class the extra bag may weigh up to 32 kg (70 lbs).

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Saga Class 2 bags weighing up to 10 kg (22lbs) each in addition to one small personal item. Total dimensions of a carry-on bag may not exceed 115 cm (45 in)
Economy Comfort 2 bags weighing up to 10 kg (22lbs) each in addition to one small personal item.
Economy Standard 1 bag weighing up to 10 kg (22lbs) in addition to one small personal item.
Economy Light 1 bag weighing up to 10 kg (22lbs) in addition to one small personal item.

Children with a reserved seat are allowed the same amount of carry-on baggage as an adult.
Please note that infants under 2 years of age without a reserved seat do not have their own carry-on baggage allowance.

  • The table below lists prices for excess baggage when traveling on Icelandair operated flights.
  • Prices apply to flights in one direction only.
  • 20% discount off below prices applies when pre-purchased.

Excess Baggage

Iceland - Europe Iceland - USA/CAN Europe - USA/CAN
Extra Bag
1-23 kg (up to 50 lbs)
€55 I $59 I 78CAD I 47GBP €64 I $69 I 92CAD I 55GBP €88 I $95 I 126CAD I 75GBP
Heavy Bag
23-32 kg (50 - 70 lbs)
€47 I $50 I 67CAD I 40GBP €54 I $58 I 77CAD I 46GBP €74 I $80 I 106CAD I 63GBP
Skis I Angling I Golf
Weapons I Diving I Hockey
€39 I $42 I 56CAD I 33GBP €46 I $49 I 65CAD I 39GBP €54 I $58 I 77CAD I 46GBP
Kites I Surfboards I Bikes €77 I $83 I 110CAD I 66GBP €92 I $99 I 132CAD I 78GBP €108 I $116 I 154CAD I 92GBP
Kayaks I Vaulting Poles
Windsurfing I Boards
€117 I $126 I 168CAD I 100GBP €138 I $148 I 197CAD I 117GBP €162 I $174 I 231CAD I 137GBP
Musical Instruments ** €39 I $42 I 56CAD I 33GBP €46 I $49 I 65CAD I 39GBP €54 I $58 I 77CAD I 46GBP
Animal in hold €117 I $126 I 168CAD I 100GBP €138 I $148 I 197CAD I 117GBP €162 I $174 I 231CAD I 137GBP

* Extra and heavy bags are charged per flight leg when traveling with a Stopover in Iceland.
** Musical instruments can not exceed the total dimensions of 158cm.

Useful Information

  • Golf, ski, angling, weapons, diving and hockey equipment may be included in the baggage allowance instead of a normal bag.
  • Other types of sports equipment may not be part of the free baggage allowance.
  • Extra bag, golf and ski equipment can be purchased online.
  • Heavy bag and weapons are only payable at airport check-in.
  • All baggage items that are not listed above are charged according to normal excess baggage charges.
  • Maximum baggage allowance per passenger is 10 checked bags. Passengers exceeding that allowance should contact Icelandair Cargo.

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