We don´t want to see your holiday spent at an airport in a foreign country resolving some travel documentation mishaps. So please, take a moment and review these customs and immigration related issues.

Requirements for U.K. and Canadian citizens traveling to Iceland or any other country in the Schengen zone - Tourist or Business Travel

  • U.K. and Canadian Passport / valid at least 3 months beyond intended stay
  • Tickets and documentation for return or onward travel
  • No visa required for stay up to three months (a maximum of three months cumulative stay during any six months period in the combined Schengen States)
  • Vaccination: None required

The Schengen co-operation currently has 26 members. All EU states are members, except the UK, Ireland, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria. EEA members, Iceland, Switzerland and Norway are also members of Schengen.

Those seeking work or plan on studying in Iceland should contact their nearest Embassy or Consule.

  • Requirements for non-immigrants traveling to the USA

    Tourist or Business Travel

    • Passport plus valid visa / valid at least 6 months beyond intended stay
    • Vaccination: None required

    Visa not required if traveling under the U.S. Visa Waiver Program and meeting the following conditions:

    • Effective October 26, 2004 holds a Machine Readable Passport (MRP)
    • Travels for pleasure or business purposes only
    • Is a non-immigrant
    • Stays up to 90 days or less
    • Meets all conditions of the U.S. Visa Waiver Program
    • Holds onward/return ticket

    For further information please visit the US Customs Service