Icelandair Route Network

Icelandair's business strategy is based on the geographical position of Iceland, midway between North Europe and the eastern coast of the USA.

By uniting on one aircraft, passengers traveling to and from Iceland, with passengers crossing the Atlantic via Iceland, Icelandair has expanded and reinforced its network continuously over the last decades. Icelandair connects 26 gateways in Europe with 18 gateways in North America, through Iceland as a hub.

The network is based on 24-hour rotation, with connecting flights leaving Iceland in the mornings and afternoons.

About Icelandair

Icelandair is a leading airline offering flights to and from Iceland, and an attractive option for cross-Atlantic flights. Icelandair provides safe, reliable flights and exceptional service on flights to metropolitan areas on both sides of the Atlantic.

The airline operates out of Iceland, and uses the country's geographical location mid-way between America and Europe, as an opportunity to build an ever-growing network of international routes with Iceland as a hub.

Icelandair is a part of Icelandair Group.

Icelandair Management

Birkir Hólm Guðnason, CEO. Birkir came aboard Icelandair in 2000, first as Sales Manager in Iceland, and later Sales Manager in North America; General Manager for Central Europe, located in Frankfurt; and from 2006, as General Manager for Scandinavia, located in Copenhagen. Birkir became CEO of Icelandair in 2008. He finished his BSc. degree in Business Economics and Administration from Aalborg University in 1998, and MBA in International Business and Economics in 2000 from the same university.

Jens Bjarnason, Senior Vice President of Operations. Jens joined Icelandair as a structures engineer in 1984. For a period of time, he was Director of Safety Regulation for the Icelandic CAA. He served as Icelandair‘s Director of Flight Operations for one decade during 1996-2005 and later as Vice President of Technical Operations from 2005-2011. From 2011 until 2015 he was Director of Operations for the International Air Transport Association, IATA, in Montreal, Canada. Jens holds a PhD degree in Engineering from Northwestern University in Illinois, USA.

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Hlynur Elísson, Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration. Hlynur started his career within Icelandair Group at Icelandair Domestic in 1995 as Director of Finance and then Air Iceland in 1997. He was appointed Icelandair Senior Vice President of Finance and Resource Management in 2005, and in 2006 he became Icelandair Group’s Chief Financial Officer. In November 2008 Hlynur was appointed SVP Finance and Administration at Icelandair. Hlynur has a B.Sc. in Business from Rockford College, Illinois.

Svali Hrannar Björgvinsson, Senior Vice President of Human. Resources Svali has been Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Icelandair since March 2009. Before that, he was Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Kaupthing Bank, from 2005 to 2008. Svali was Manager for Resource Development at IBM Consulting Services and an owner at PWC. Svali has taught at the University of Iceland, Teacher's University of Iceand and Laugarvatn High School. Svali has a B.A. degree in psychology from the University of Iceland, and an M.A. degree in Human Resource Management and Work Psychology from New York University.