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Icelandair offers flights to Washington DC from Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast or London (Heathrow & Gatwick). A flight to Washington gives the opportunity to visit a city is packed with famous sights.

Book a flight to Washington DC today and get a chance to experience one of the world's great cities, but also access to the entire east coast by car.

Washington, a city easy to visit

A flight to Washington DC will take you to a city which is easy to visit most of the many places, museums, monuments and restaurants you will want to see and visit during your stay are found in the same relatively “small” area, thus making for a laid back stress free holiday. Probably more than anywhere else in the USA you will feel the underlying sense of freedom, democracy and power commonly associated with America. It all begins with the White House, (don’t expect to catch a glimpse of president Obama though), Capitol Hill, Arlington Cemetery and not least from the striking statue of former presidents Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson as well as the Washington monument. Here you’ll feel the strong link from days past to the present.

D.C. also boasts a rare variety of world class museums, renowned institutions such as the National Museum of Natural History and the National Gallery of Art, within walking distance of each other.

The simple life near Washington D.C.

Your cheap flight to Washington can also be an occasion to pay a visit to a very special society, the Amish people of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Their simple life style is a thing to behold and admire.

Good to know

  • Icelandair flights to Washington D.C. land at Dulles International and connect in Iceland with an average transfer time of one hour. Consult the schedule for flights to Washington and for flights to the USA with Icelandair.
  • Shopping? Take a trip to: Georgetown with numerous interesting shops. Top brands mingling with lesser known brands.