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Icelandair flies to vibrant Vancouver on Canada’s west coast. Experienced city hoppers should find all they expect in Vancouver, and the city is furthermore known for its vast selection of outdoor activities. Icelandair offers cheap flights to Vancouver from Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast or London (Heathrow & Gatwick).

Manhattan´s little sister

According to the New York Times, Vancouver is like Manhattan, but with mountains. We couldn’t agree more. No matter whether you crave mountain sports, a slumber at the beach or multicultural shopping, rest assured you’ll find it all within Vancouver city limits.

The famous five 

You’ll find that in Vancouver there are certain cultures that have permanently shaped and formed the environment. Commonly these are thought to be Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, and Aboriginal. The multicultural connoisseur will therefore easily find a touch of foreign in cuisine, art and shopping in Vancouver where the entire spectrum of variety is represented.


Vancouver is situated in the Pacific North-West, where climate is temperate. Despite a healthy amount of overcast days, the poorly prepared traveller will be able to stock up on sandals and sunhats in one of Vancouver’s many shops should the skies clear.

Good to know

  • Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is conveniently located and it takes travellers only about 25 minutes to go by The Canada Line train to the city of Vancouver. The train runs every 7 minutes during rush hour and every 15 minutes off-peak. If the train doesn’t tickle your fancy there is a range of other transportation options available, such as taxis, hired cars and even hired limos. There is even a bike route to and from the airport – not for the fainthearted.