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Icelandair offers flights to New York from Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast or London (Heathrow & Gatwick).

Book your flight to New York today with Icelandair and come and get to know the city known as "the Capital of the World" for the ultimate big city holiday.

New York, a fascinating melting pot

A flight to New York with Icelandair will take you to the United States’ biggest and most fascinating melting pot of just about everything a big city holiday can offer. If you have not been there, you need to go. The sooner the better. A trip to New York leaves an impression, a memory like none other. You may have heard that New York is expensive and perhaps out of your league? Well, it is easy to spend a lot there, that is for sure. But when you check out our New York airfares, you'll see we'll leave you with plenty of money to explore with. In New York you are continually confronted with paradoxes. The hustle and bustle of Wall Street to the easy going vibe of Greenwich Village. Just off the parade of life that is Broadway, you can step into a little café to pause and reflect. New York doesn't just have everything, it is everything, all at once.

New York, easy going hospitality

Embark on a flight to New York with Icelandair and you will no doubt encounter the unrivalled easy-going hospitality of New Yorkers. You are treated just the same as locals, only with their typical straightforward demeanour. You will need to do your homework before visiting New York, although improvising can sometimes work as well. Because booking your cheap flight to New York is such an easy choice to make we feel obligated to leave you some key sites to check out: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Coney Island, Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Soho, Broadway, Times Square, Carnegie Hall, Madison Avenue and Central Park, New Jersey. So much in one place….albeit a large place. And there is much more to see and do on your New York holiday.

Good to know

  • Icelandair flights to New York from Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast or London land at the John F. Kennedy International Airport located 22 kilometres from central Manhattan or at Newark Liberty International Airport which is situated about 15 miles (24 km) southwest of Midtown Manhattan.
  • The Newark flight service operates four times weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Consult the schedule for flights to New York and flights to the USA.
  • Want to shop? Try Fifth Avenue, most of the top fashion labels, Macy’s Herald Square, 151 West 34th Street, Barney’s, Madison Avenue at 61st, all the main labels, Some Odd Rubies, 151 Ludlow Street, for unusual clothing fashion.