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Copenhagen is the mecca of both classic and innovative design. The city´s architectural richness is one of the first things that strikes new visitors to the city.

A vacation in Denmark should begin and end in happy-go-lucky Copenhagen, one of Europe’s nicest cities.

Copenhagen has a nice atmosphere

Danes are a charming and fun-loving people. A wonderfully curious mix, Danes combine the best typically Scandinavian traits with the fun-loving and laid back demeanor associated with Southern Europeans.

Convenient flights to Copenhagen make exploring the rest of the country a cinch. Though the scenery can be quite beautiful, the country is not known for dramatic towering mountains or roaring waterfalls. In fact, Denmark’s highest “mountain” just barely exceeds 100 meters. Speaking volumes about Danish humor, the locals have fittingly named it the “Himelbjerged" (Heaven Mountain) a name appropriate for a Himalayan peak! The Danes are always joking, laughing and telling stories. “Cosy” would be the right word to define Denmark. You go there... and it feels good.

A pölse is a must in Copenhagen

Icelandair’s cheap flights to Denmark allow you to spend more money on having fun. First, walk down Stroget (translates roughly to "The Line"), Copenhagen’s main street, brimming with energy, cafés, shops, restaurants and a typical Danish cornerstone, streetcorner “Pölser” or hotdog wagons. . You simply cannot leave Copenhagen without having tasted a “pölse”. The same applies for the Danish “smörebröd”, dark rye bread with various toppings, mostly herring and ham. Once you’re full, enjoy a cruise along the canals, a walk through beautiful parks or a visit to enchanting Tivoli, a bustling amusement park in the center of the city that, marks each day’s end with a sensational display of fireworks. With multiple flights to Copenhagen each day, you could even feasibly spend the morning relaxing in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon and the night celebrating under the bright lights of Tivoli’s magical fireworks!

Good to know

  • Flights to Denmark with Icelandair arrive at Copenhagen International Airport, situated on the island of Amager, 9 miles from the city center.
  • Shopping? Try Stroget, Copenhagen’s main pedestrian street, full of shops, restaurants and people. Illums Bolighus, H&M, Georg Jensen, Bodum, Grö, Könrög , with Danish design, Fisketorvet shopping center, Pilestræde, Kalvebodbrygge, 35 antic shops and Fields, shopping center on Amager.